5 Books to read to your child before the end of Black History Month

 Black History Month

Great Reads For Children Of Color 🙂

Reading is essential in the development of our little ones. Reading helps grow their imagination and improve with speech and writing skills. But in the books I was reading for Eliaz I realized that there were no black people, no people of color. Representation is very important and should be passed down to our little ones, while they are still young, to understand the importance. 

In my book search, I got these 5 books which I fell in love with and want to share with you all! All of these books can be purchased on Amazon for your convenience. I noticed when searching for children’s books with black characters, it is not something you come across easily in a bookstore like Barnes N Noble. But thank God for the internet! Our children deserve to be represented! What better month to introduce them than Black History Month? You do not have to be a person of color to purchase these books either. These books are important for other races of children to see as well. All in all, these books are well illustrated, beautifully written and are worth the coin. I won’t talk about what the books are about because i do not want to give spoilers!

Are there any books you recommend that show diversity? comment them below!!

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  1. Peekaboo Morning


  1. Afro-bets”

  1. Marvelous ME


  1. Brown Boy, Brown Boy, What can you be?


  1. Chocolate Me!

Peace, Love & Melanin

-The Brown Mom


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  1. February 27, 2018 / 11:54 pm

    Is it bad that I got a little excited to see Tate Diggs’ name on the cover? Some of these seem like they would be a good story and I’ll have to look into them. My best friend and I always try to find black people and natural hair in books for our daughters. One that we both liked was “When God Made You” by Matthew Paul Turner.

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