About Me

Hi there! Thanks for viewing my blog.


Sooooo… who are you?


I’m Esther (Hadassah), your funny, crazy, emotional (NEW) Blogger. I’m a new mom to a baby boy named Eliaz; He’s currently 9 months old and growing so fast! Eliaz loves to eat, (he doesn’t play when it comes to feeding time) dance with me and he loves to laugh and play. I am currently an upcoming mompreneur until I decide what I really want to do with my life. I graduated in 2015 with my B.S. in legal studies and took a break instead of going to straight to law school…..Now here I am with a baby  lol. I will be taking you guys on this new journey with me, every step of the way. Sharing tips and discussing other topics! 





What is Brown Mom Rising really about?


“Brown Mom Rising” is a blog ran by me for moms of color everywhere. I want to encourage new young moms and hopefully share some wisdom. I will never pretend to know everything (because I don’t) but I will share what I have learned through my experience. All the tips and tricks I learn along the way will all be given to you to make your life a little easier. Any new products I like, you mommies will be the first to know.


My goal for this blog is to be authentic and to change someone‚Äôs life, even if it’s one person. If my blog reaches out to a mom and makes her day better, I have won. I want to build a community of mothers that can eventually grow into a sisterhood.


Let’s build together! Join me on this trip called motherhood.