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We love our natural hair and we love products that cater to our hair even more! This week, hair product review is brought to you by “Leya’s Natural Hair”.

Disclaimer: I only give my honest opinions on all products I use for myself and or my son.


The owner of Leya’s Natural Hair is named Felicia A. Bolton. Felicia was inspired to created a haircare line when she experienced very bad postpartum shedding and had no other choice but to big chop and restart back in 2015. Now her hair is currently to her chin and growing thicker and healthier!


Packaging and Shipping:

All items are shipped on Fridays so if you order from this brand, make sure that you order on that before 5 pm or you will have to wait the following week for your order to be shipped.

I received my products fairly quickly, in about 5 days or so. The products came intact and weren’t damaged in any way. That is always a major concern when ordering from cosmetic brands.

The packaging is very simple and straight to the point which I admire.

I love the specific bottle she used to be the container for the growing oil. This bottle has a twist up opening, so when you twist it up it opens and when you twist it down, it closes. Very, Very convenient because caps get lost easily and come off all the time.


Leya’s Butter: First things first, this butter smells amazing! But don’t eat it LOL. This butter is made to moisturize both your hair AND body!

I did the LOC method with this butter and the oil provided. I have 3c, 4a/b hair sp my hair is really kinky and dry. The butter is very light and I felt like it didn’t provide me with the moisturization that I needed.

I personally prefer thicker products for my hair because it makes my hair feel good for longer. You will feel like you have nothing on your hair so in that case, it is good if you do not want build-up on your scalp/hair. The butter, however, does give good, decent curl definition! (I did a flat twist out throughout my hair but forgot to take a picture! Sorry!) I was satisfied with the come out of my hairstyle, and you could use this butter daily because it is so far from heavy. All you will need when it comes to wash it off is a cowash, no deep cleanser needed.

I also tried this butter on Eliaz’s hair. Now he has softer hair, 2c,3a, loose curl pattern. This butter applied to his hair had his hair super shiny! Crazy about this on his softer hair texture. I twisted his hair with the butter and also did the loc method. I loved, loved this butter on his hair. I’m assuming it has a lot to do with his texture but I’m not sure.

Mommy’s Oil: this oil was created to help promote healthy, growing hair. I used the oil just to keep my scalp moisturized because I have TERRIBLE dandruff. I had to reapply daily because again, my hair and scalp soak up everything. This is an all natural oil combination that you have to shake before use to get all those nutrients out. I did not have the oil for a long time so I cannot speak as to how it impacted my hair growth. But I am willing to start showing my hair progress with you all over time! This oil too is very light like jojoba oil, and will not leave build-up.

Final Thoughts: This hair care line  I would recommend for those who are transitioning into becoming natural. Because the products are very light it would work well with both the 2 textures you have in your hair. The products smell great. 4 out 5 stars for me! if you want to purchase these products for yourself or a loved one, make sure to check out https://www.leyasnaturalhair.com/  ! Your hair will thank you for it!

Peace, Love & Melanin

-The Brown mom


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