Melanin Mom Mondays: Kabira Duncan

This Week’s Melanin Mom Feature goes to the lovely Kabira Duncan!


BrownMomRising: Tell us a struggle that you went through or are currently going through. Any story you would like to share:

Kabira: I quit my corporate job January 2016 to step out on my business due to having lots of interests from potential clients. I then found out I was pregnant March 2016. Business was not picking up so I started to search for other work before I started showing; didn’t get hired for any of the jobs I went for this resulted into needing my village for basic necessities. Towards the end of my pregnancy I became very scared of how I was going to make this work after having her, I knew I wanted to breast feed because I didn’t get to breastfeed my other children, so this was very important to me. My village came through for me every time but the person I am, I don’t like asking for help, but I was part of an amazing group of black mothers and they made me feel comfortable with reaching out. I started back working (my business) after my baby was a month old, it was hard due to her not taking a bottle but I would only stay gone for an hour or two (she would cry it out and finally fall asleep), she still does the same thing now and she’s almost a year old (only difference is she plays more and eats other foods). I was told by multiple mama’s “she will take a bottle if you just leave her with someone”, it was tough hearing this from other mama’s, all baby’s are not alike (just like any other human being isn’t) but they thought I was wrong, who am I though right? I’m only her mother and with her 24/7. My business still lacked support and bills were piling; we are now homeless and limited on other means to live in this world system. Now that we are now in this space I have had a couple of amazing folks spotlight my business, help make and print flyers, and bring me in on their pop up shops. My next move is how I’m going to make this work; business may pick up but now I am in danger of losing my work space (next dilemma). I have always feared being in this situation and would never wish it on my worst enemy, this is extremely hard when you have children involved.

Adding to that, my daughter is turning one in a few more weeks and I cannot provide a small celebration for her life. So thankful for my village coming through for us in this hard time!


BrownMomRising: How many kids do you have?

Kabira: I have 3 children (14, 8, and almost 1)

BrownMomRising: Any advice for a new mom?

Kaira: take care of self, always

BownMomRising: What do you love about being a mother?

Kabira: watching my starseeds grow into themselves and how they are so much like me and papa

BrownMomRising: Do you have any social media you would like to share?

Kabira: (FB) Kabira Yakini-Duncan (IG) Infinite Yoga Ky

BrownmomRising: Thank you so much for sharing your story and taking the time to answer my questions. Stay blessed.

Peace, Love & Melanin



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