Melanin Mom Mondays

Melanin Mom Mondays is a new weekly post that will be featuring a new mom every Monday. The purpose of this theme is to highlight and celebrate black mothers from all around the world. These mothers will give advice, share their businesses, tell us story or simply brag about their kids!

Introducing our first Melanin Mom feature, Mrs. Toyette Anthony! Toyette is 35 years young. In addition to being a full time mother, she is also a full time employee and full time business owner. Toyette is in graduate school, graduating in December of this year (GOALS ASF!). Some of the activities she enjoys doing is reading, scrapbooking and crafting when she has the spare time. Toyette’s ultimate goal is to open up a nonprofit for at risk teens. I met Mrs. Anthony through Facebook, in a mom group I had created while I was pregnant. She is one of the sweetest women I know and she is just so inspiring! Had to have her on my blog and show her off to all of my readers! I got the chance to ask her a few questions so you all can get to know here a little but more. Keep on reading for the interview below.

BrownMomRising: How many kids do you have?

Toyette: 7 (3 biological and 4 bonus)

BrownMomRising: what do you love about being a mom?

Toyette: I love watching my kids grow and knowing that it’s all because of me. What we pour into our children is what we will see come out.

BrownMomRising: what’s the hardest thing about being a mom for you? How did you overcome this difficulty?

Toyette: The hardest thing about being a mom to me is realizing that I don’t have all the answers and things won’t always go as I want them to. I had to overcome this by realizing I wasn’t perfect and parenting comes with struggles. I have to take those struggles and find strength from them.

BrownMomRising: What’s a piece of advice you would give to a new mom?

Toyette: If I could tell any new mom one thing it would be that there is no right way to parent. It’s your journey…make it what you want to be!

BrownMomRising: Thank you for taking the time to answer all these questions! Do you have a blog, social media outlet you would like to share with the readers if they would like to get into contact with you?

Toyette: you can follow me on Facebook Toyette Anthony,  on IG: justcallmeyet or on SC: mrsanthony2u

BrownMomRising: Thank you again!


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