Nava’s Naturals Review

Nava’s Naturals Product Review

Nava’s Naturals is founded by the ever so great Ms. Nancy Anderson. Nancy is a woman with many talents! She is an esthetician, a mother, a business owner, and a self-taught makeup artist! So it was only right that she open her own line of skin and hair care. Nancy is so sweet, patient, humble and hard worker from what I can see and I am glad to do this review and tell you, my lovely reader about this line!


Packaging/Shipping: The packaging is very simple and straight to the point. Name and ingredients are listed on the label as to make sure the user knows exactly what they’re putting in their hair or on their skin. Because I am in the US, the package came to me in 4 days! But Standard shipping is 4-7 days and if you are international, expect 2-3 weeks.


Energizing Follicle Serum: This serum is made to, help promote hair growth in the most stubborn areas and help relieve itchy scalp. This does work! As you guys know, I do have really bad dandruff and my skin is sensitive. I recently cut my hair off and I guess it as some bad shears and my scalp got inflamed! A rash formed all on the side of my head and I decided to use the serum for that! Within a few days, my scalp got better and I fell in love!! This oil is lightweight and not overbearing, it is something you can apply to your scalp daily if you want and it will not leave build up by the end of the week. This comes with a dropper so you have more control over how much comes out, love that! This serum retails for $15 and it is work every dime.

(After)                                                                                   (Before)


Healthy Hair Butter: The healthy hair butter smells great, it’s a good thick consistency and melts in your hair! Used with the LOC method. (liquid, oil cream) your hair will feel nice and fluffy the next hair. I would use the butter just to moisturize throughout the week if I do not plan on doing a fancy hairstyle. The butter, however, does provide a decent definition if you are going to be doing a twist-out or braid out. This hair butter made Eliaz hair very shiny and soft (But he never lets me finish doing his hair)This butter retails for $10 USD.


Detangling Moisture Mist: What kinky hair girl does not like a Detangler? This detangler is great for using in the shower!! After you, shampoo and you want to move forward to the detangling process, use this on your hair then add the conditioner. You’re supposed to rinse the product off, if not, it can get sticky. The consistency is almost Jello-like and it smells very sweet, nothing overpowering. I would this with a conditioner and or water. It did help with some small knots but for those that are really deep in there, you’re going to need back up. This Detangling Mist retails for $4 USD so that is a big steal!!


If you like what you saw and want to purchase these items for yourself make sure you check out ! Don’t forget she also provides natural skin care products!!! Get that hair and skin right with Nava’s Naturals


Peace, Love & Melanin

-The Brown Mom












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