“When are you going to make the next one?”

“You have to make a girl for the dad”

“one child is not enough”

“you should make at least 2 kids”

Those are a few of the comments I get on a daily basis from family members, strangers, friends, anyone. And I am tired of it. Especially living now living in Haiti where making unwarranted comments are a thing. I’m just being real when I say I do not want another child. I thought long and hard about it and I cannot see myself redoing this process again in my near future. Hmmmm maybe I’ll pop another one out when I’m 30? 35? One thing for sure, I’m in no damn rush. At first I was thinking like “maybe I should just have another one to get it over with and try for a girl”. Then I was like, “I also don’t want to start my fitness journey and get all fit then end up pregnant again”. I really sat down and thought about and came to the decision that I in fact don’t want another baby… not now at least. Why, you ask? Well let me tell you. View Post