Helpful advice for the New single mother

You are now a single mother. What next? This can be a really touchy topic for many… but it’s a topic that we should not hide, but discuss.

I have recently become a single mother and this trip I’ve been going through has not been an easy one. No mother wants to become a single mother, I truly believe that. But life sucks sometimes and shit hits the fan. No matter the circumstances of you becoming a single mother, you will need time to adjust because it is like taking on a completely different life. I am still struggling to get through this myself but over the months is has been somewhat easier. Being a single mom is not easy; your strength will be tested as with your will and faith. You’ll doubt everything within you. This task may not have been what you asked for but it landed on your lap and you have no choice but to do it. So what you gon’ do? View Post